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2013 August 21
by Hattie

Not sure if this is news to my readers, but I’ve been dubbed, “America’s Quintessential Cougar!” This happened after I starred in TLC’s “STRANGE SEX: Cougars & Cubs” (You can view it on Netflix). Though it’s not a title that particularly warms my heart (my bed is quite another story!) I was thrilled to learn that Tina Turner recently married a much younger man.

The word “Cougar” is often used as a put-down … as if older women are desperately on the prowl for young lovers. Clearly, Ms. Turner’s relationship has put a dignified spin on that demeaning stereotype.

At 73, the songstress married her longtime love, German record executive Erwin Bach, 57, in a quiet civil ceremony in Switzerland.  The 120 guests included  celebrities David Bowie and Oprah Winfrey. Her first marriage to her abusive one-time musical partner, the late Ike Turner, ended in divorce. It’s heartening to learn that she is now married to a man worthy of her.

I count myself among Tina Turner’s many admirers. Often,  when young people honor me with “I want to be just like you when I grow up!” I assure them that they can be much better, and thank them for being inspired by me, at 77!

It’s a blessing for women everywhere to have positive older role models to offset all the negative hype about age taking away our desire and desirability. Apart from Georgia O’Keeffe and the fictional Maude (of “Harold & Maude” movie fame), inspiring role models of exceptional, non-plastic-surgeoned older women are rare. Though Ms. Turner is 4 years younger than I, (big deal), she has always inspired me… and even more so now that she’s a married woman.

Congratulations Tina. You are a woman of courage, talent and beauty.




Where’s Hattie Now?

2013 August 20

Several years ago TV watchers were asked to guess where Matt Lauer was, as he traveled all over the world. Now,  I’ve updated that question by asking  ” Where is Hattie now?

A couple of months ago, I packed my suitcases and traveled to a tropical island to escape New York weather. No way would I force myself to endure another harsh NY winter. So here I am, in Anguilla, despite the warnings of friends and family that re-locating is just too drastic at my age.

Oh boy, do I hate that phrase, “at your age.”  If anything was going to encourage me to leave, that phrase certainly would do it. So I listened politely, but made up my mind to go anyway.

Over the years, I’d often traveled to the peaceful little island of Anguilla, so I knew it wouldn’t  feel like a foreign country. While there, I had worked as a Holistic Life Coach and also created a two-month island wide project, “Island Loses 1000 lbs.” I quickly learned to write lbs. and not pounds, as Anguilla is English and that would have meant that they were losing MONEY (pounds) not weight (lbs.)  The project was successful — 10 groups/10 people per group/10 lbs. per person… VOILA… 1000lbs!

My plan in re-locating to Anguilla was to store up enough tropical heat in my body so that I could visit New York without undue shivering. That way, I’ll enjoy the best of both worlds.

“You can take the lady out of Manhattan, but you can’t take the Manhattan out of the lady!”

NOT REACHABLE ON eMail… So sorry!

2013 June 20
by Hattie

There I was in Anguilla, the peaceful, beautiful island in the Caribbean, happily reading my emails from friends/business associates around the world. Suddenly, I get a message “You changed your password 1 day ago.” But the weird part was that I didn’t change it, and have no idea how, or why it got deactivated. Because of that, I  no longer can get, or send any messages. I can still get the Internet, Linked In, Twitter and Facebook, BUT NOT MY PRIVATE MAIL! You can imagine how frustrating this is, particularly since I’ll be re-locating from Manhattan to Anguilla this summer. SO, if you wish/need to reach me,  PLEASE call my voicemail, 212 388 8509, and leave your number. I’ll call you back.

I’ve purchased a plan that promises it can get it up and running again in a few days. Cross your fingers for me. I feel lost without being able to see or send mail.

I’ll keep writing on this site and would like you to  leave a comment with your phone number.

Thanks… and keep in touch!



AFRAID TO EAT? With Good Reason!

2013 May 30

Yes, with 80%  of our food contaminated with toxins and GMOs, I’ve actually become frightened of the effects this may have on my body (and on yours, and future generations).

My “obsession” with health food began in the early 60s. I had just given birth to my son Joshua and felt weak for the first time in my life. At least for the first time that I can remember, as the exhaustion continued for days on end, rather than rare, isolated incidents.

Add to that the post-partum tummy and milk-filled breasts… oy! Though thrilled to be a mother, I was saddened to see what my dancer’s body had become. Rather than getting depressed, I resolutely decided to take action…. fast.

Desperately, I reached for advice from a woman in my childbirth class who was what was then termed a “Health Food Nut.” She assured me, “Hattie, you can become stronger and healthier if you followed my style.” So I did.  This began a future of juicing, becoming a vegetarian and swallowing mounds of supplements. I even became a consumer advocate for Organic Foods and wrote the first certification form in America. What a thrill it was to be one of the earliest proponents of an organic life style.

Fast forward about 40 years… The word “Organic” is everywhere with a staggering variety of food available, even in “regular” supermarkets. Sounds like a good thing, no? NO!  Use of the word has become riddled with lies. Jumping onto the bandwagon of health-seeking consumer, companies like Horizon, Kashi, Nature Valley, Ben & Gerrys and many others have sold out , choosing profit over integrity.

These days, not only is our food supply riddled with pesticides, preservatives, colors, flavors, fillers, hormones, antibiotics, a new, deadly threat has loomed… GMOs! In case you’re not familiar with this more recent assault on our bodies and our Planet, it stands fro Genetically Modified Food.

While the proliferation of chemicals has been shown to be carcinogenic, GMOs are far more dangerous. They attack the DNA, which has been shown to distort the genetic code, causing disastrous results to our natural body defenses against disease and maintaining a healthy immune system.

MONSANTO is the culprit, along with legislators who are passing laws to protect companies that are poisoning us, and lobbying to prevent labeling of GMO products. Recently, with a misleading slick ad campaign, major companies killed a bill in California that would have mandated  GMO labeling of food. At least that would have allowed the consumer to make an educated choice.

So why have I titled this article, “Afraid To Eat?” With Good Reason!

Well, for instance…no more popcorn in movies, no more “healthy” sandwiches on Whole Wheat bread, no more bakery products, hummos, berries, cherries… even apples! Unless marked “Organic”, they all contain GMOs and/or are heavily sprayed. In fact 80% of our food contains GMOs.

This may come as a shock to you, it did to me.

What can you do?  Join Cornucopia, a group that is tirelessly working to protect our food supply. For a mere $15, you’ll be joining a growing number of militant, alarmed and angry consumers who want to make a difference by stopping  Monsanto and other companies that are turning food into poison.

Please  join me by getting involved and letting your voice be heard. We didn’t protest Global Warming. Now’s our chance not be sitting ducks as “they” destroy our Planet… and our lives.


2013 May 14
Beauty at Every Age!
Beauty at Every Age!

Chosen as One of New York’s Natural Beauties


Hattie’s career as an Anti-Aging Therapist  began after winning first prize in Roseland’s Over 50 Bathing Suit Beauty Contest at the age of 52. Founder of New York’s School for Creative Movement and Consumer Advocate for Organic Food, Hattie set out to prove that a Holistic style of living can create life-long youth and sexuality.

A successful psychotherapist and dance teacher, her two cutting-edge books RetroAge: The Miraculous Program for Life Long Youth and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Looking and Feeling Younger launched Hattie’s life mission to transform society’s negative view of aging.  Appearing in a her contest-winning bathing suit on TV had Regis exclaim, “There she goes, an inspiration to all of America! True to Regis’ words, Hattie went on inspire others to take aging into their own hands, as she has done for over 25 years!

At 74, modeling in a gold bathing suit for a Dolce & Gabbana ad for VOGUE, Harper’s, Vanity Fair and W, seated next to a 20s something hunk, she was dubbed,“America’s Top Cougar.” It didn’t take long before this seductive title was picked up by the media, and, at 75, she starred in the TLC series, “Strange Sex: Cougars and Cubs.” Chosen by Gotham Magazine as one of six New York’s Most Natural Beauties, Hattie has vowed never to have plastic surgery or shots. Her Hattietudes“True Beauty glows from within” and “The opposite of old isn’t young… it’s NEW!” say it all.

Hattie’s memoir, Sex and the Single Senior: A Cougar’s Search for Love gives hope to women of all ages not to give up. She’s at work on her next book, Everything You Want To Know About Aging… But Are Afraid to Admit!” aimed at facing and overcoming the challenges of aging.

Her recent appearance on TLC’s “Extreme Cougar Wives” proves that you’re never to old to be desirable… and desired.

And who doesn’t desire that!


2013 January 4
by Hattie

      For decades, ecologically-minded Americans have sounded the warning that unless something is done about emissions, our weather conditions will become dangerously distorted. What was the reaction of politicians? They treated these whistle blowers as anything from unrealistic alarmists to, of all things, Socialists!

With the horror of Hurricane Sandy, coupled with photographic proof that icebergs are melting at an alarming rate, attention is finally being paid. Regretably, it may actually be too late.

      Another, equally devastating Planet-detroying phenomenon is facing us now.  Monsanto is spending billions to cover up its poisoning of the Planet’s soil with GMO contaminated seeds. Recently, a bill — Proposition 37– was put on the California ballot. It stated that foods containing GMO’s must be labelled. In that way, consumers could decide if they wanted to purchase and ingest dangerous, health-destroying chemicals. I was in LA at the time and saw how lying ads against this bill bombarded the screen. Mega food companies like, Heinz, Coca Cola, Pepsi and Kellogg spent BILLIONS to stop efforts to label GMO-containing foods. Not surprisingly, the bill didn’t pass.
       In their recent Newsletter, CORNUCOPIA, a dedicated consumer group, wrote, “There were 81 independent organic processing companies in 1995. A decade later Big Food had acquired all but 15 of them. Organic retailers and distributors followed the same trend. Yet corporate consolidation of the food system, both conventional and organic, has been hidden from consumers. That’s changing fast.”
Just to give you an idea of how diabolical these companies are, I want to name some Organic/Natural foods that are riddled with GMO’s, pesticides, toxic chemicals.  Yes, believe it or not, KASHI, HORIZON, Nature Valley, Naked Juice, Odwalla, no matter what their labels say. And, how’s about the fact that grass fed cows can be fed chemically-riddled grass!!!
        I urge you to join me in helping to fight these companies before our food supply becomes irreversably contaminated. To join, and support CORNUCOPIA, go to their website
Thank you. Every voice counts, especially NOW!


2012 September 24
My memoir, Sex and the Single Senior

Memoir cover: Sex and the Single Senior

That title is obviously about sex and aging. Yes, frequent, satisfying sex no matter how “old” you are! I should know. At 76, I have maintained my sexuality, despite society’s disdain for the desirability of older people.
I’d like to share my secrets with you, though several of them may even be embarrassing. Usually it’s a turn off to speak about biology. But rather than sweeping it under the rug, it’s essential to face all aspects of sex and aging to remain sexual and vital for a lifetime.
Here goes…
1. For starters –Masturbate. If you need a boost, use a vibrator and/or watch erotic videos. Orgasms are not just for the young.
2. Keep your orifices totally clean. Even though women are told they’re self-cleaning, I don’t believe that’s true. I recommend washing externally and internally with diluted Dr. Bonner’s lavender soap, scooting fingers up to the cervix to make sure it’s squeaky clean. For both sexes, washing and thoroughly rinsing the anus is essential.
3. For women – If you’re dry or too tender, try a topical bio-identical hormone cream prescribed by a doctor that helps you keep moist and “stretchy.” This is a far safer form of hormone replacement than pills, shots or patches.
4. For both sexes – Add the herb MACA which doesn’t contain any hormones, yet helps to maintain balanced hormone levels. Additionally, it has been proven to enhance desire and re-energize the entire body.
5. Refuse to buy into the brainwashing that we elders get from the media that aging takes away your desire and your desirability!
But I want to add that being sexual for a lifetime does not come (cum) naturally… IT TAKES WORK! I invite you to join me in being sexually active and youthful for your entire life.
                                                    212. 388. 8509
It’ll set you back $100 to get answers to anything and everything about Anti-Aging and Sexuality that you could ever wish to know. No topic is taboo!

                                                    HATTIE’S BIO

Hattie appearance on TV in a sexy monokini, had Regis exclaim, “There she goes, and inspiration for all of America!” Her 3 books: “RetroAge: 4 Steps to a Younger YOU!” “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Looking & Feeling Younger” and “Sex and the Single Senoir: A Cougar’s Search for Love.” have established Hattie as an expert in Anti-Aging and Sexuality. She starred in the TLC series, “Strange Sex: Cougars and Cubs.” which airs internationally and is featured currently on Oprah’s NOW Network. Other appearances include CBS News; Joy Behar; Inside Edition; NY1; Fox Magazine; Howard Stern.
In 2012, at 75, GOTHAM Magazine featured Hattie as one of the most naturally beautiful women in New York. She is a sought after guest on numerous TV and radio shows, and has had write-ups in three London magazines. She provides private sessions as a HOLISTIC LIFE COACH.

                      CALL TO SCHEDULE YOUR PRIVATE SESSION                                                                                                212. 388. 8509

                            WITH HATTIE  NO TOPIC IS TABOO




2012 September 6

I can’t remember any time in my life that I wasn’t TERRIFIED of aging. In my inspiring book,  RetroAge: 4 Steps to a Younger YOU! , I share how my disgust turned into determination.

It became my life mission to transform aging on the Planet… a vow I made at Landmark Education’s Advanced course. I stood and proclaimed this vision for my future, and sure enough, I’m achieving this loftly goal in wildly unexpected ways!

Because of my personal dedication to Anti-Aging,  at 74, I was chosen to model in a GOLD BATHING SUIT for a Dolce & Gabbana ad in VOGUE, Harper’s, W and Vanity Fair. The photog, Steven Klein, instructed a 20 something hunk to sit next to me ad look at me adoringly, which he did.

VOILA! From then on, the word “Cougar” got attached to me, and I’ve been featured all over the world — from France to Peru to Dominican Republic as the “Quintessential Cougar”. This has been terrific because I can now inspire people everywhere to honor and enjoy the aging process.

What precisely do I mean?

I’m urging/inspiring everyone to follow my lead by doing whatever’s necessary to be youthful, sexual, vibrant at every age! When you purchase my book, RetroAge: 4 Steps to a Younger YOU!   from Amazon and follow the 4 Steps, you’ll learn my secrets  to being youthful and sexual at every age! YES, the life-long youth  you deserve can be yours!

How marvelous it will feel when you join the countless men and women throughout the world who are taking aging into their own hands and transforming it from awful to awesome!

And… believe me… it’s FUN!



2012 September 5
Here's Lookin' Atcha!

Who ever came up with the ridiculous rule to stop wearing white after Labor Day? Carried to it’s stupid extremes… woe be it to the bride who marries after that venerable week-end.

It’s about time we started questioning and defying commonly accepted, but super-stupid rules, and how they imprison and limit us to values that are no longer relevant. Check it out. How many time-worn stereotypes are you following? For me, a stunning, sexy Senior, I’ve had to counter the rules surrounding how a “mature” woman should, look, dress and behave.

We’ll Wear WHITE Whenever We Want!


Going further in that vein, it isn’t only old rules that are confining and downright dumb… freshly minted ones are too! One of the beauties of being in America is that we are free to chose how we believe and express ourselves. This is becoming even more relevant as gay marriage becomes the law of the land, and young men are actively pursuing older women. (Had to get that one in!)

It behooves each and every one of us to be resolute in defining and defending our choices. Naturally without hurting or maligning those of others. Though initially I was incensed at being pressured to follow the rules, I now revel in being liberated from them.


She will wear this after Labor Day…will you?

And, boy oh boy, do I have gorgeous white clothing to wear from today onward. And when I see you wearing it too, we’ll both smile. So, in a way, rules are great. We get to break them!

Courage is contagious!

Senior Sex: An Idea Whose Time Has Cum!

2010 September 14

This headline should clue you into my style of viewing sex for older adults. Don’t you think it’s about time we stopped behaving as if sex is only for the young? That’s the dreary message we’ve been handed, and I, for one, want to shatter that ridiculous idea.

A little over a year ago, I was featured in a skin-tight gold bathing suit for a Dolce & Gabbana ad. I thought nothing of it. After all, I swim almost every day, and have been doing it for over 25 years. Suddenly I was tagged as a Cougar, and instead of being derided, I was adulated. I practically became a public service announcement for the beauty and desirability of the older woman.  Suited me just fine! (bathing suited)

And who was most pleased by this super sexy senior? The young, that’s who. Every day I get emails and am stopped on the street for hugs…and even autographs. Can you imagine how great it is to hear that they are thrilled and inspired and want to be like me when they grow up.

I’m pleased to be on the front lines of this sexual revolution. More and more older women are dropping their shame about being sexual (and their underwear too!). They’re shortening their skirts, flaunting their cleavage, and loving their mature bodies.

Inappropriate? Who says so?

And what’s more… who cares?